Monday, November 27, 2017

Well, long time no see, hear what ever.
I have gone through some major changes in the past few months. I've quit my job and started realizing (after thinking about it for years) that I wasn't cut out for work at all and in a fixed location, i.e an office in particular. But this day and age, needing money of course I started thinking about the future. Meaning what will I be happy doing which will bring in some money but still. So now I am thinking about becoming a tattoo artist. I guess I have been using ink most of my life (real or digital) so it's not so far from my comfort zone and I believe creative is creative. I now understand my fascination with graffiti. So... Keep an eye out for me, I may surprise you and myself..

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Would you like some fries with this copy?

Why does it bother me so much? People say it's an ego thing. I don't consider myself a person with an inflated ego (maybe that's ego too). Anyways it really bugs me when I see advertisers copy an ad, sign or a TV spot. An homage is fine, being influenced by something good that's fine too, we've all been there. But to copy? Come on, think for yourselves. I have these posts I call "great minds..." That brings some of these copied campaigns for you to judge. I understand the audience keeps changing, (product, country, age etc.) but come on.
So, I will leave you with this: If people never saw the ad before, isn't it still a rip-off?

Full disclosure, in my book these are great ads for great brands, but still...

Great minds...

When copying something...

Subject - Check
Sector - Check
Copy - Check

Great minds think alike?

Mazda xc3 The original - Levi's